About Us

Kooroo is a luxury Kenyan designer label based in Nairobi. It is the inspiration of designer Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez. We specialize in high-end women’s ready to wear clothing and accessories.

Our label reflects the authenticity of our African heritage on the global fashion front. It explores cultural imagery, embraces a stunning color palette and texture of Africa within the western context. Versatile pieces serve as the cornerstone of Kooroo’s urban chic collection.

The label has two collections each year.  Our inspiration for each collection is drawn from Africa’s rich cultural lifestyles. The collections integrate African prints, silks, jerseys, cotton and linens to create collections with exceptional global appeal. Original craftwork from the region such as beading and embroidery is often used to embellish simple silhouettes and add an exquisite touch to the pieces.

Our Vision is to be a leader in the growing fashion industry on the continent.  We believe in local production, training, sustainable and ethical local employment.

Our Commitment to give back to the community is an essential element of our work. Through our Maua (Flowers) Corporate Social Responsibility program we work to support the local schools in the Kibagari slums of Nairobi. Our staff produces crocheted flowers that are used to make beautiful jewelry and accessories.  The proceeds from the sale of these goods provides an income for women in the slum and goes towards payment for the cost of education for their children in the slum.

About the Founders

Founded in Kenya in 2006, Kooroo is the inspiration of Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez.   Hebret completed her Bachelor’s Degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology – New York City- USA and has an extensive background in fashion industry. Enid a dynamic entrepreneur brings a business background to Kooroo. Together, their keen interest and love of fashion was the impetus for Kooroo.

Kooroo International

Kooroo has showcased its collections regionally at major fashion shows such as Festival of African Fashion and Art (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2014)  Tribal Chic 2009, Swahili Fashion Week, Dar Es Salaam 2010, and internationally at Edinburgh Mela Festival, Scotland 2010.
Kooroo clothes have been featured and photographed in several local magazines such as True Love, Drum, African Women and internationally on Arise Magazine.  Kooroo received mention on New African Fashion, by Helen Jennings a book that focused on established and emerging African designers.

Community Project